Assassin Nine is the story of Agent J9, Janine, an offensive security specialist in the S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Corporation, a multinational conglomerate who happens to be planning global domination. She's the world's greatest assassin, but never lands the big assignments because she doesn't have the seduction skills necessary for the more delicate missions.  She has to get her act together or face termination. Literally. To overcome her shaky relationships with the HR director, Gladys, and her eccentric, if somewhat sociopathic, CEO, the Komodo, she'll have to get help from her chief rival, an Eastern-European vixen with nothing but contempt for her, Bogdana.
Agent J9, 'Janine,' is smart, tough, and not someone you'd like to meet in a dark alley. But one thing she is not is subtle. Or seductive. Or living if she can't prove to HR that she's worth keeping alive.An actor, director and producer, Carrie Jones is one of the creators of the interactive theater experience, My Big Fat Jewish Wedding, has starred as Ms. Blonde in an all female reimagining of Reservoir Dogs, a regular player in murder-mystery experiences, and now is our titular heroine (or villainess), Agent J9. 
Bogdana is as merciless as she is beautiful. A killer with a killer bod, she detests J9, but loves a challenge. Can she turn this sows ear into a silk purse? Probably not, but at least she can mock J9 along the way.In addition to playing J9's rival and seduction coach, Bogdana, the multi-talented Jamie Dixon is an actress, make-up artist, musician, and costume/set designer. She has a diverse background from business to improv and also co-stars on a new upcoming Youtube review show titled Viewport.
Gladys is someone who's been at S.E.R.P.E.N.T. a long time. Long enough to move out of the assassin game and into middle management and find herself as Director of HR in the company. Does she regret the decision to leave the field? Yep. Is this why she has nothing but contempt for anyone who can't live up to her standards as an agent for the company? Also, yep. Which is why she hates Janine.Our executive producer and S.E.R.P.E.N.T.'s head of HR, Gladys, Leslie Engel has been integral in bringing our vision to life. Leslie is an actor and producer. She is the founder/CEO of BGE Creative and Kohala Dog Productions, which gets its namesake from Leslie's passion for Ironman Triathlons and her amazing Yellow Lab.
The Komodo is a man who knows what he wants. And what he wants is to rule the world. He has the tools to do it. He has the will, the means, and a genius-level intellect. He’s an executive apex-predator. The perfect capitalist sociopath. What he lacks in personal skills and patience he makes up for with ambition, confidence, material possessions, and megalomania.S.E.R.P.E.N.T.'s CEO and perfect corporate shark, Josh Drennen's most recent performances have included a turn on "The Last Ship" which will air this summer on TNT, the films "A Perfect Dark", "Hollywood Adventures", "The Last River", and "Customer Service" along with stage roles as William Reach in Down the Road and various comedies in the Cafe Plays at the Ruskin Group Theatre at which he is a member and guest teacher.
The Target. Middle-aged, boring numbers cruncher. But the numbers he crunches are nuclear launch codes. So, that's interesting.EricSharp co-starred in several NBC sitcoms in the 1990s and in Star Trek Voyager for UPN. Feature Roles include appearances in the movies Liar, Liar and Malcolm X. Eric Stars in the award-winning indie film, Canvas the Night. 
Otto is a small island of normal in a world of crazy. To say he has no idea what's going on is an exaggeration, but just barely. He's starting to catch on that his new job just may not quite be what he thought it was, and he's having trouble coping with the realization that he may now be evil for being part of S.E.R.P.E.N.T. His only mission is to keep his head down, for fear of getting it chopped off.A filmmaker and actor with dreams of becoming a brilliant housewife, Ericson Just plays Otto, the unassuming assistant of S.E.R.P.E.N.T.'s CEO, Komodo. He also served as Assistant Director on the project while Directing his own feature film, 'The Burden of My Company', which is set to premiere later this year.